Museum Gouda is situated on a street called Achter de Kerk - "Behind the Church" - a centuries old little street where Erasmus played hoops as a child.

It connects the Sint Jan church, world famous for its stained glass windows, with Museum Gouda and the galleries of Menno Meyer, Arie Bouter, de Firma van Drie (Roodbol) and a 'ceramics' gallery. A walled garden with fine statues and a large terrace is also part of the museum – an oasis in the centre of Gouda!

In Museum Gouda history comes to life – beautiful altar pieces, which survived the iconoclasm, life-sized sketches for the stained glass windows and group portraits of civil guards from the 17th century.

Visitors will meet Erasmus, who grew up in Gouda, and Dirck Crabeth, who worked for both William of Orange and Philip II. They will stand face to face with works by painters such as Daubigny, Redon, Fantin-Latour, Weissenbruch and Tholen - all of them masters.

Museum Gouda specializes in religious art of the 16th century, the “Haagse school” of the 19th century and Gouds plateel (pottery) of the 20th century.

Beer, cheese, pipes and pottery: these once formed the basis of Gouda’s economy. Hence the motto "Museum between heaven and earth".

If you take the short cut through the museum you’ll get to the Oosthaven where Gouda actually originated - the town between Ijssel and Gouwe.

Are you keen on history and beauty with an added touch of romance? Then Museum Gouda is a must!

  • Entree Oosthaven 9 (Foto: Martin Oudshoorn)
  • Het Lazaruspoortje, ingang Achter de Kerk 14 (foto Martin Oudshoorn)

Hier vindt u ons

Museum Gouda
Achter de Kerk 14
2801 JX Gouda
Oosthaven 9 (tevens museumwinkel)


T 0182 331 000
F 0182 331 019

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